How to wash the garment?

Since all of our pieces are naturally dyed, they require an extra bit of love and care. We recommend hand-washing the garment gently in lukewarm water (just the first time) and with gentle cleansers in the washes that follow.

We do recommend washing the deep indigo items before wearing them to release the excess dye as the pigment can initially rub off on your body or other clothing. This is a characteristic of indigo’s eccentricity and cannot be tamed.


How to spot an authentic block printed garment?

If an item is hand dyed using traditional block printing techniques, there may be small variations in the pattern and the color pigment itself may vary due to the nature of the natural dyeing process and is the hallmark of a handcrafted item. The item may bear some traces of the printer’s table. We celebrate these traits as they represent the human element and the Earth in every piece!


Does the item fade after washing?

Naturally dyed items don't fade after washing, in-fact they brighten up. Don't use harsh detergents or extremely hot water and the pieces will last a long time for you.


How to get featured on your Instagram?

We love to see Kaira On You! Just DM/mail us your photos and we'd love to post a story/post! You can mail them to us at kairabynikita@gmail.com


How to track my order? 

Once your order is shipped you will get shipping updates via text/mail. Please reach out to us if you have any trouble tracking your order. Always happy to help!